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Steve J. Holt

Steve has spent his life making a difference in the lives of others through the use of evoking laughter. He has conveyed compassion and kindness through the use clean entertaining magic illusions, ventriloquism, puppetry, creative painting and drawing since he was 8 years old.  His story and performances have inspired thousands throughout his travels and appearances on national television, live shows, community events and more.

"There are many without the courage to shape their careers, intimidated by obvious dangers, secure only in the thought of a future  that might provide the necessities of food, shelter and a good pension plan.  I think of the many young Americans who have lost the courage to accept the challenges of a more precarious existence, with riches of the spirit to replace guaranteed comfort and affluence."

- Reflections from the North by Sigurd F. Olson

​​Conveying Positive Messages through his Gifts and Talents