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From Fear to a Future of Hope

As a child Steve was very shy, and had to overcome the fear of not being able to express himself. Becoming an Entertainer is something that helped Steve do this.  In all his years providing presentations for thousands of events, he has yet run out of refreshing ideas to energize audiences. He considers himself a Motivator who inspires others.

Steve J. Holt


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                      THE JOURNEY BEGINS 
"I got my start in the world of show business early on as a young boy of six.  In 1966, my older sister and I were placed in the Open Door Children's Home orphanage in Rome, Georgia and we stayed there until 1973. My father did his best to provide for our mentally-challenged mother and my five handicapped siblings. He finally had to accept the fact he could not keep up with the demands of life placed upon him and pull his family through an impoverished situation. Family Services stepped in to offer help.  It was in this orphanage I discovered I wanted to become an artist, a ventriloquist and a magician.  Two dedicated men would visit the home and tutor me and help me develop my talents. Mr. Marlowe taught me various art sketching and water color painting techniques each week and Mr. Dobbs bought a puppet for my ninth birthday and explained voice throwing to me, but he himself was not a ventriloquist, just someone who cared. After 4 years of study everyday after school, I graduated from the Maher Home Study Course in Ventriloquism when I was 12. I would often take my puppet to school and perform during Show and Tell on Fridays and would often enter Talent Contests.  It was a fun time!

Things really shaped up for me in 1973 when I was adopted into a loving Christian family.  This love, encouragement, and involvement in church life, taught me to trust God and see the Lord's provisions for me. This began an exciting journey that put my career in full swing.  I was a very determined teenager and wanted to be someone special.  I wanted my talents to open doors of opportunity and building blocks for a better future. I quickly saw how my talents could do that if I worked hard at being the best I could be.  After graduating high school in 1979, I worked in state hospitals, special education classrooms and children's ministry for several years, which taught me people skills.  Shortly thereafter, I developed the Miracles of Magic Show and took it on the road doing shows in theaters all over small-town America for about 12 years.  Often my foster parents would show up in the audience in random towns and would cheer me on during my shows. Their rescuing me from the orphanage and their dedication, love and kindness, after all these years, have sustained me and given me hope and literally saved my life.  This has been invaluable to me."